Samantha Show

# 3

Name: Samantha Show

Position: Pitcher, UT

Birthday: September 8, 1996


This is Sam’s fourth year playing professionally and second year for the USSSA Pride.


2016-2018 – Texas A&M

2019 – Oklahoma State University


  • Single season home run record (20) at Ok State (2019)
  • All American (2019)


Born Samantha Marie Show on September 8, 1996 to Mark and Carrie Show. She has an older brother Mark Jr., older sister Sara and younger sister Sabrina. Samantha studied Agricultural Leadership at OSU.

What is your FAVORITE softball memory?

My whole senior season was my favorite softball I’ve ever played.

You have to form a superhero ‘A’ team. Half of your team is you, and the other half is an animal. You both have super powers. Describe your sidekick, each of your superpowers and why that’s what you picked.

My sidekick would be a cat. My superpower would be super strength and my sidekicks super power would be telekinesis.