Clinic Format


“To become the number one provider of professional player camps and clinics in the nation by providing quality pro and collegiate instruction and motivation that enables young women to develop into outstanding student athletes with 100% player/parent satisfaction.”


“We teach young women how to develop into outstanding student athletes who honor the  values of pride, integrity and respect in the sport of fastpitch softball – from the classroom, to the field, to life.”

All one day skills clinics will cover all aspects of the game: offense, defense, pitching, catching, and presentation of the mental game. Campers will be receive professional instruction from USSSA Pride/WPF Players, Professional Coaches and other quality instructors.

These are the areas that will be covered:

Fielding and Base Running

This session will focus on proper defensive techniques on the infield and outfield positions. Instruction for all fielders will include throwing, fielding and position responsibilities. Instruction on stance glove work, forehands, backhands and footwork, etc will be covered. This session will also cover techniques and strategies of proper base running. Smart and aggressive base running is a key component to a productive offense.


This session will focus on the proper hitting techniques, hitting different pitch locations, off-speed pitches and advanced mechanics. You will drill the necessary fundamental, mechanical and explosive movements that are keys to becoming a better hitter.


Instruction will be general toward increasing speed and gaining control of the fastball. Instruction on the change-up pitch will also be included along with several different grips and style. This session will also be targeted towards building your pitching repertoire. Several different grips and techniques of throwing different moving pitches will be taught. The purpose and strategy of each pitch will be discussed.

Catching Session

This session will focus on the proper defensive techniques of the catching position. Catchers will receive instruction on stance, blocking balls, throwing to bases, pop-ups, signal calling and knowledge of the strike zone rules. Game defensive strategy will also be discussed.

This is an opportunity to be taught by some of the most ELITE players in the country. We will cover all  the skills needed to prepare you to be the best player that you can be.

Do not miss out on this experience! The chance to work with and be taught the very best is right in front of you!