Meet Danielle Spaulding

Danielle Spaulding

The USSSA Pride has just signed pitcher, Danielle Spaulding for the 2011 season. Spaulding, who helped put North Carolina softball on the map, will be a great addition to the Pride both defensively and offensively.

1 .What is one of your best memories playing softball at University of North Carolina?

· Most memorable moment at UNC would have to be my senior year, during the Kia Classic tourney in Fullerton. Our team was playing together and it was really a turning point in our season for us to get noticed. It felt like we could just look at each other and we knew what each and every person was thinking. Plus, on a personal standpoint it was a turning point in my season as well, the relationship between my catcher and I seemed to be unstoppable. The game against Stanford was probably our best performance together.

2. What is one thing you wish you could have known before going into college?

· TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS!!! I am a bit of a procrastinator and it seemed to catch up to me every single time.

3. Are you superstitious at all? If so, how?

· YES! Not to the certain extent to wear if I put my socks on a different way my whole day is mixed up but I am very big on routines. I have a routine on the mound, for warm-up, and when I step into the box. I can’t touch any of the lines before a game and most of the time during the game. I think that’s about it DURING softball.

4. What is one of your best memories in college non-softball related?

· Non-softball related I would have to say just being with the girls. My class was a very fun and spontaneous group of girls and myself being the semi-shy and “not as outgoing” one in the bunch, they really brought me to do things I would have ever dreamt of doing without them. We would have random dress up nights to just be goofy and go on weekend trips to the beach or the river. Hanging out with the girls always was a stress reliever away from softball and school that was much needed at times.

5. What type of activities during the off-season do you participate in?

· During off season I am finishing up my degree and I am the student assistant coach at UNC. I am helping out with a little of everything and it is very good experience for me but keeps me extremely busy.

6. Are you looking forward to playing in the NPF? What are you excited/nervous about?

· I am extremely excited to play. It was a hard transition to think that my career in softball was “over” and to have an opportunity to play competitively still against the best of the best is the most amazing feeling ever. When am I never nervous!!?? If you ask anyone I have played with and (especially pitching) before every game I am always nervous. Not because I am scared but that is honestly how I react to excitement and my adrenaline rush, and having a chance (again) to face the best of the best is a little nerve racking as well.


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