Offensive Struggles Continue for USSSA Pride in Loss to Team USA

Both teams started out slow in the batters box but were hot in the pitching circle. Jailyn Ford had two 1-2-3 innings while Team USA pitcher Cat Osterman only allowed two hits. Osterman found herself in a bit of trouble in the 3rd, as she loaded the bases for the 2nd time in the series but escaped with no runs. Making it the fourth time in the series that USSSA Pride would load the bases and not get a run out of it.

Jailyn Ford faced a hiccup in the 3rd, giving up a home run to Hannah Flippen as her only hit allowed so far. Pitching picked back up for a short period after the 3rd, as Jailyn Ford threw her third 1-2-3 of the game in the 4th and newly subbed-in pitcher Monica Abbott had done the same. The game busted open in the 5th, as Team USA’s Haylie McCleney hit a three run homerun to put the Pride down 4-0.

After giving up another single, Jailyn Ford was swapped out of the circle with Jessica Burroughs but she was unable to stop the bleeding as Valerie Arioto made a two run homerun to make it 6-0. It would get worse for the Pride, as Haylie Flippen would hit a second home run to make it 7-0 in the 6th. This home run was the last bit of action in the game, making the final score 7-0.

The duo of Cat Osterman and Monica Abbott proved to be too much for USSSA Pride once again, as the two have given up no runs in a game and a half of play. Pitching went well for USSSA Pride for a while, only giving up one hit through four innings but turned the complete opposite direction in the 5th and 6th, as Team USA had six runs over the two innings. USSSA Pride remain hopeful headed into practice tomorrow to prepare for game 3 against Team USA.

USSSA Pride play Game 3 of the series against Team USA on June 6th at 6 PM at Oklahoma State University. Tickets to the game can be found here

If you cannot make it to the game, this contest will be broadcasted on USSSALive at

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