USSSA Pride fall to Team Mexico in Game 2

Pride cannot hold off the power of Team Mexico, losing 5-2.

Team Mexico showed off their strength once again, hitting another three-homer to tally four total runs. Sydney Romero extended her amazing hitting performance in the series, going 1-2 with a two-run homer. Pride would play it cautiously after the home run and let her walk her last two at-bats. Romero now has three home runs accounting for four runs in a two-game span and there are no signs of this streak. The Pride are going to have to tread lightly and possibly start intentionally walking her if she does not cool down in game three.

Pride hit well again, putting up a nine-hit effort in a game primarily pitched by Dallas Escobedo. They once again got unlucky when they got runners on, only scoring two runs with one being off a solo homer by Shay Knighten. It’s been an issue for them all season long but when it gets fixed, they will see a massive boost in scoring. They are also lacking their power at the moment, only having one home run in a two-game stretch. This is an unusual spot for the Pride, as they have made their bread off the long ball all season. Pride will need to find that sweet spot between swinging for the fences and swinging for the gap in these next few games.

While the slump has continued, the Pride are still in spots to win games. They gave up three runs in the first inning, which without the game would have gone to extra innings. Without that early jump from Team Mexico, it’s a completely different game. The Pride are in a big downward slide right now but with their talent, this skid can easily turn into a massive hot streak.

Pride play against Team Mexico tomorrow, June 17th at 7 PM at our Space Coast Complex. Tickets to the game can be found here.

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